Multi-Lingual Assistance - 3 easy steps to placing a bet!

  2. Deposit

Go to the Payments section.

Select your preferred deposit payment method from the list on display.

Paying by credit card is the easiest and quickest way to deposit to your Intertops betting account.

Payment by Credit Card

Click on "Credit card" (listed on the left hand side of the Payments section) and you will see the form below.
Enter your credit card details and click "Submit".

Online Credit Card Authorization!

The 3 step easy and safe way to credit your Intertops Account by using your Credit Card.

1. Fill in and Submit the Payment Request Form below.
2. Confirm the total amount in American Dollars.
3. Your account will then be credited within a few minutes.

About CVD (Card Verification Data)

Where is my CVD number?

On the reverse of your credit card

CVD is the last 3 digits

Can't find it?

Call us: 001-268-480-3100

Now check your Account Balance to see confirmation of your deposit.

You now have confirmation of your payment to your Intertops Betting account and your current balance. 

You are ready to place a bet!